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FAQ6 How is Shore Riders Associated with Pony Club?

How is Shore Riders Pony Club associated with the US Pony Club?  

Shore Riders Pony Club is a chartered, recognized, and local affiliate club within the United States Pony Club organization.  

The United States Pony Club is divided into 42 regions.  In each region there is a regional office run by a Regional Supervisor. Shore Riders Pony Club is in the Delmarva Region whose office is located at Fair Hill International Horse Center in Maryland and whose Regional Supervisor (called a "RS") is Mrs. Bodgie Read. 

The Delmarva Region has 13 clubs throughout Delaware, Maryland, & New Jersey.  Shore Riders Pony Club is one of those clubs.  Each club is run by a District Commissioner (called a "DC").  The Shore Riders' DC is Mrs. Debra Merrill.

When you join the US Pony Club, you are actually joining the national pony club organization, AND the Delmarva USPC region, AND the local club (i.e.Shore Riders).  This is similar to many national youth organizations, for example, scouting;  when you join the Boy Scouts, you join a local troop, and that troop belongs to a regional council, and the regional council belongs to the BSA national organization.  

There are yearly dues associated with membership and they are to be paid prior to December 31st each year of membership.  

>Annual National dues - currently for 2022, $155 for new members, $145 for renewing members
>Annual Delmarva Regional dues - $30 
>Annual Shore Riders dues - $0
(Note: club dues are set by each individual club.  Each year we have voted to not charge any club dues.  This is not the case with every pony club.) 
>Annual Sponsorship Dues - $10
(Note:  Club Sponsors are adults, generally a parent/guardian, who will participate in the decisions of the club activities.  Becoming a sponsor is optional.)

When you join the Shore Riders Pony Club you become;

>  A member of the US Pony Club.  As in "I'm a pony clubber".   

>  A regional member of the USPC Delmarva Region.   As in "there are so many fun things to do on the regional calendar". 

>  A club member of Shore Riders.  As in "I love our club's mounted and unmounted meetings!"  

Altogether it would be said like this;  "I am a proud pony clubber with Shore Riders in the Delmarva Region of the United States Pony Club".


Payments accepted thru Venmo and Paypal.

For Venmo our username is

Please use the "Buy Now" button below for credit/debit card payments via paypal to Shore Riders Pony Club. 

This can be used for:

> Hunter Pace registration, > USPC Regional Dues, > Rally Payments, > etc. 

After clicking on the button below, Enter the dollar amount on the first window, do NOT enter the dollar sign ($), and click "Continue".   On the following window, either Sign-on to Paypal or click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".  

PayPal is the company used to process the credit card.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal to use this link.