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FAQ9a Parent Involvement


Parents play an important role in Pony Club. There are many areas in which parents are needed. They may share one of many roles within the Club, such as Club leader ("DC") or officer (secretary, treasurer, etc.) and countless volunteer jobs at activities and fund-raisers.  Aside from staff in the national office in Kentucky, the US Pony Club is run almost entirely by unpaid volunteers.  Specifically, no member or parent in the Shore Riders Pony Club receives compensation of any kind for their involvement in the administration of our club.  (the exception being hired by our club as a judge, coach, examiner, or instructor)  

Pony Club and competitive riding in general demands a commitment, and specific to the Shore Riders Pony Club:

* A parent/guardian/family member over 18 is required to be present if their child is under 18 and competing in USPC competitions as a mounted competitor. (about 1 to 5 times a year depending on the child's interests and the family's resources)  A parent/guardian is not required at rallies where their child is serving as the team stable manager, nor at the unmounted Quiz or Horseless rallies.

* A parent/guardian is required to be present if their child is under 18 and will be participating in a rating certification test or preparatory mounted meeting (called a "prep" meeting) for a rating test.  At the prep mounted meeting the parent is needed to scribe for the examiner and assist with jump setting.  
* Each parent/guardian who has registered as a club sponsor is required to attend 4 quarterly club meetings.  (being a club sponsor is optional and will be explained to you at your introductory meeting prior to joining or read about it here)  Shore Riders has 4 adults-only meetings a year, called "Sponsor's Meetings", that are used to conduct club business, decide on how funds should be used, decide on the club activities and calendar for the coming months, etc.  These meetings are for adults only, youth members are not allowed to attend.  The meeting is run using Robert's Rules of Order, minutes are taken, financial club reports are distributed, votes are taken on issues, and club board members are nominated and elected.

* Each Shore Riders family is expected to participate in the club's several fundraisers each year.  Past fundraisers have been either local schooling competitions or hunter paces.   Your contribution could be in the form of time (setup, jump judge, staffing a booth, etc.) or supplies (food for the food booth), or money to pay for awards and ribbons.   About 6 weeks prior to the date of the fundraiser the club will distribute a task and supply list and each family is expected to sign up for a job. 

* Each Shore Riders family is expected to participate in the club's twice yearly work days.    A 'work day' could be jobs at Split Elm, public trail cleaning, land conservation projects, etc.  The details of the work days are voted on by the club sponsors and communicated to the membership via email.  
* Although not required, we strongly recommend a parent/guardian be present at all mounted activities, such as monthly mounted meetings.  (8 to 12 times per year)  If you are not able to be present, you must specify a designated adult who will be responsible for your child.   Ask yourself "Who will attend to my child if there is an accident";   If you have no satisfactory answer, then you should stay.  If you do know who that person is, then communicate that person's name to the person in charge of the mounted activity.

* It is not required that a parent/guardian be present at unmounted meetings or winter study groups, but parents are always welcome to stay to observe, contribute, and learn.



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