Shore Riders

FAQ1 How to Join Shore Riders


We are happy to welcome new members.  Just contact any of the club officers on the CONTACT US tab or visit us on Facebook and leave us a message. Before joining, one of the club officers will meet with you to review our club policies and provide you with an overview of the Shore Riders activities. You will receive a USPC Membership form and if you decide to join, you will be given your Shore Riders Pony Club notebook containing your USPC membership pin, riding armband, and various handouts on Shore Riders ratings, rallies, and policies. This meeting will last approximately 1. hour. 

The Pony Club membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  You can join anytime during the year, but all memberships end on December 31st and must be renewed for the next year.  

New members, prorated new members, and renewing members all use the same membership form: 

Membership Types:

Membership fees for NEW members for 2022:  
 $155 - USPC National dues
+ $30 - Delmarva Regional dues
+ $10 - Shore Riders Pony Club sponsor's fee (optional)
= $195.00
All memberships run for 1 calendar year, beginning on January 1st, 2022.  Regardless of what month you join, your membership year will end on December 31st of that year.  If you join after January 1st, please contact the club District Commissioner for assistance with completing the USPC membership form.  

Membership fees for NEW PRORATED* members (for 16 months, includes Sept-Dec 2022 plus all of 2023): 
 $200 - USPC National dues
+ $10 - Shore Riders Pony Club sponsor's fee (optional)
= $210.00
* Prorated memberships are not available until Sept 1 of the current year.  This is a good option if you want your child to benefit from all club activities for Sept, October, November, and December including the bi-weekly winter study groups in November and December .   This option is not valid after December of the current year, nor is it a practical choice after December 15th-ish as you would be paying an extra $45 to participate in very few, if any, club activities in late December.    

Membership fees for RENEWAL members for 2022, renewing on or before 11/15/21: 
$135 USPC National dues
+ $30 Delmarva Regional dues
+ $10 Shore Riders Pony Club sponsor's fee (optional)
= $175.00

Membership fees for RENEWAL members for 2022, renewing AFTER 11/15/21: 
$145 USPC National dues
+ $30 Delmarva Regional dues
+ $10 Shore Riders Pony Club sponsor's fee
= $185.00

Personal checks should be made out to "Shore Riders Pony Club". 


Who am I?

When you join the Shore Riders Pony Club you become;

>  A member of the US Pony Club.  As in "I'm a pony clubber".   

>  A regional member of the USPC Delmarva Region.   As in "there are so many fun things to do on the regional calendar". 

>  A club member of Shore Riders.  As in "I love our club's mounted and unmounted meetings!"  

Altogether it would be said like this;  "I am a proud pony clubber with Shore Riders in the Delmarva Region of the United States Pony Club".


Payments accepted thru Venmo and Paypal.

For Venmo our username is

Please use the "Buy Now" button below for credit/debit card payments via paypal to Shore Riders Pony Club. 

This can be used for:

> Hunter Pace registration, > USPC Regional Dues, > Rally Payments, > etc. 

After clicking on the button below, Enter the dollar amount on the first window, do NOT enter the dollar sign ($), and click "Continue".   On the following window, either Sign-on to Paypal or click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card".  

PayPal is the company used to process the credit card.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal to use this link.