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NOTE:  We are converting over to this new website, but we don't have everything figured out yet.  Until we do, some of the worksheet links won't work.  


These are some of the study materials, worksheets, aids, and documents we use to prepare our members for the Delmarva regional US Pony Club Quiz Rally.  The study group sessions are scheduled for the winter months, usually beginning in November and ending in February.   

These worksheets are NOT intended for self study;  they have been designed to be used in a leader/group setting whereby the leader will help the students complete the worksheet.  All worksheets are for the D level USPC member.  

Most of the worksheets are designed so a non-horseman can facilitate the study group with very little research.  However, that facilitator/leader should review the information beforehand and have the USPC manuals available for reference.  

The information contained on the worksheets are primarily from the USPC Manual on Horsemanship, D Level.  And some handouts are from the excellent websites of USPC Middle California Region and the Cohutta Highlanders Pony Club.

We don't mind if you use these worksheets for your club's study groups, but please retain credit to the author as indicated on the worksheet.  

And, finally, we are only human;  there may be a mistake here and there.  Please, send an email telling us mistakes you have found so we can get them corrected. 

To read more about the USPC Quiz competition go to the US Pony Club QUIZ webpage - click here  

USPC Quiz Information Handouts

>  Summary of USPC Quiz Rally Phases:  Handout
>  USPC Quiz CLASSROOM Phase:  Information Handout
>  USPC Quiz STATIONS Phase:  Information Handout
>  USPC Quiz WRITTEN TEST Phase:  Information Handout
>  USPC Quiz MEGAROOM Phase:  not yet
>  USPC Quiz BARN Phase:  not yet
>  Do's and Don't's at the USPC Quiz Rally:  Information Handout
>  Top 10 Rules for Parents at a Quiz Rally:  click here

> Sample Study Group Schedule  2016/17 Shore Riders Quiz Study Group Meeting Schedule   15 meetings covering 68 topics

Barn & Travel

>  BARN SAFETY Worksheet:  Worksheet   //  Answer Sheet     6/2013
>  BARN SAFETY - How many things wrong?  Worksheet    2/2015 
>  Horse FEED Types :  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet    1/2024
>  How to Use a HOOF Pick USPC Video - click here
>  Horse FEED RULES :  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet    1/2024
>  Horse FEED - How much to Give:  Worksheet  1/2024
>  GROOMING Tools:  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   2/2014
>  Horse GROOMING Tools Game: Match-up game   6/2013
>  Order of GROOMING:  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   6/2013
>  GROUND MANNERS:  Worksheet  // Answer Sheet  12/2014
>  How to Tie a QUICK RELEASE KNOT: Student Handout    6/2013
>  How to Tie a Quick Release Knot:  VIDEO                                
>  R.E.L. Required Equipment Bingo:  Bingo Cards // Caller's Questions  2/2017
>  Stable VICES Worksheet:  Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   2/2014
>  Stable VICES Charades Activity   6/2013
>  TRAILER LOADING/UNLOADING:  Worksheet // Answer Sheet   2/2016 
>  TRAILER Equipment Worksheet:   Worksheet   //    Answers   2/2016
>  TRAILER Loading & Unloading Activity:  Activity Cards & Instructions   2/2016 
>  TRAILER Safety Checklist from USPC:  Click Here  2/2016

Equine Health

>  Leg BANDAGES - D Level:  Student Handout  //  Teacher Narrative   12/2015
>  Rolling BANDAGES USPC Youtube Video - click here
>  How to Apply a Tail Wrap BPC Youtube Video - click here
>  DEHYDRATION:  Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   2/2014  
>  Equine DENTISTRY Worksheet: Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet    2/2016
>  Equine DENTIST Bingo:  Bingo Cards // Caller's Questions  2/2017
>  Equine FIRST AID KIT Info sheet:    Info Sheet    1/2024 (do this one before the First Aid Kit Worksheet)
>  Equine FIRST AID Kit - Worksheet // Answer Sheet  1/2015 
>  Equine HEALTH CARE Worksheet:  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   6/2015
>  Equine VITAL Signs Worksheet:  Worksheet  //  Answers  1/2022
>  FARRIER Facts & Hoof Pics Worksheet: Worksheet  //  Answers   12/2015
>  FARRIER - The FIVE steps in horseshoeing For D1-D2:  Worksheet //  Answers  or For D3 & C1 members: Worksheet  //  Answers   12/2015 
>  FARRIER Tools Worksheet:  Worksheet  //  Answers   12/2015
>  FARRIER Bingo:  Bingo Cards //  Caller's Questions 2/2017
>  Worms & Shots:  Worksheet // Answers  1/2015 

Identification of Things

>  Equine CONFORMATION Faults: Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet  1/2014
>  Describing a Horse Handout:  Student Handout   10/2015
>  Horse GAITS Worksheet:  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   1/2014
>  Horse GAITS Activity: Gaits Activity   1/2014
>  Horse & Pony BREED Worksheet: Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   11/2015
>  Horse COLORS Worksheet:   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   10/2015
>  Horse MARKINGS- LEG & FACE Worksheet: Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   10/2015
>  Horse PARTS: HEAD -Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet    2/2024
>  Horse PARTS:  BODY  Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet    1/2024
>  Horse PARTS:  HOOF  Worksheet  //   Answer Sheet   12/2015
>  Horse PARTS: LEGS   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   12/2023
>  Horse PARTS:  WHOLE HORSE Wrap Up  Worksheet & Answer Sheet     2/2016
>  Horse PARTS:  Parts we Both Have: Worksheet // Answer Sheet  2/2016
>  Horse PARTS Shout Out Activity:   Activity  12/2014
>  Horse TERMS Worksheet: Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   6/2013
>  How to MEASURE your Horse:   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet  11/2015

Rider Safety & Attire

>  Heat Exhaustion & HEAT STROKE:  Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   12/2023
>  Dress for Safety D1 - D3:   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet  02/2024
>  Basic Rider Safety:   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   1/2024
>  Helmets/Armbands/Falls from Horse:   Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet  11/2022
>  How to tie a STOCK TIE handout:  Honestly, there is no good handout for this - they all look WAY more confusing than it actually is.  Even if you know how to tie a stock tie, you won't be able to do it following the illustrations on the available worksheets.  There are several good youtube videos - show these instead.  For tying practice, we tore up long strips from a sheer curtain and a sheet.  This one is good;  clear and concise.  USPC - click here 

>  Riding ATTIRE worksheet:  In progress.  We had a lot of good sheets available but the rules have changed so much, and across the sports and certification levels, we are a bit confused ourselves.  We'll figure it out eventually...

Riding & Sports

>  Basic Balanced Position:  Worksheet  //  Answers  12/2016
>  Cooling Out:  Worksheet   //   Answers   1/2024
>  CROSS COUNTRY JUMPS Game:  Match Game & Instructions   2/2014
>  CROSS COUNTRY-JUMP Types: Worksheet   //   Answers   1/2014
>  CROSS COUNTRY Division Specs: Worksheet // Answers 1/2015
>  DRESSAGE Arenas:  Worksheet // Answers  2/2015 
>  EVENTING Bingo (author unknown, found @ AVHPC website ):   Activity  1/2014
>  FOXHUNTING Overview:  handout   11/2014
>  FOXHUNTING Terms:  Worksheet  //  Answers  11/2014
>  FOXHUNTING Bingo:  Bingo Cards //  Caller's Question Sheet  2/2017
>  FOXHUNTING Game:  Match Game I (16 Cards)     11/2014 
>  FOXHUNTING Game:  Match Game II (38 cards)  11/2014
>  HORSE MANAGEMENT(for Rallies):  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet   6/2013
>  Horse INSPECTION (Jog-out) USPC Youtube Video - click here
>  PROTESTS:  Dressage, Eventing,  Polocrosse, Show Jumping,  Tetrathlon
>  Rally-DRESSAGE-The Order Of Things: Worksheet // Answer Sheet  3/2014
>  Rally-SHOW JUMPING; The-Order-Of-Things:  Worksheet // Answer Sheet 1/2014
>  Riding in the Open Worksheet: Worksheet   //  Answer Sheet   6/2013
>  SHOW JUMPING - Jargon Worksheet: Worksheet // Answer Sheet     1/2014
>  SHOW JUMPING Jump Types:  Worksheet   //   Answer Sheet    1/2014
>  SHOW JUMPING - Jumps Match Game:  Match Game & Instructions   2/2014
>  SHOW JUMPING Rules Worksheet:  Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet    2/2014
>  TETRATHLON Explained in Pictures:  Info Sheet  12/2015 
>  WARM UP For Horse and Rider:  Worksheet // Answer Sheet  12/2016

* Order of Things = a worksheet on the order of how a rally flows

Tack & Bits 

>  BRIDLE - Purpose and Fit:   Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   12/5/2015
>  BRIDLE Parts:  Worksheet & Answers  12/5/2015

>  HALTER - Fit and Parts:  Worksheet & Answer Sheet   2/2022
>  SADDLE Types Worksheet:   Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet   6/27/2013
>  SADDLE Fit Worksheet:    Worksheet  //  Answer Sheet  12/7/2015
>  SADDLE Parts Identification & Unsafe Tack Examples:  Worksheet  & Answer Sheet   12/05/2015
>  SADDLE Safety Sort (author unknown):  Worksheet   12/17/2013
>  TACK Cleaning-The 4 Steps: Worksheet   //  Answers   6/27/2013
>  TACK Cleaning Match Game (from USPC D Manual):  Match Game & Instructions   6/27/2013


>  USPC D level On-Line Flashcards at Quizlet - click here

Instructor Certificate   Study Group leader certificate.  I am still trying to figure out how to do Adobe forms, so this may improve as I learn more.  There are 4 fields you can fill out on this certificate:  1)  Club Name, 2) Instructor Name, 3) class subjects, and 4) the date.   Then print it, sign it, and present it with many thanks to your study group instructor.  This is an especially nice touch if you have C's come to teach the group.    (print on Cover/Card stock for a better presentation)  Here is a copy of a filled out certificate - click here. 

Mock Quiz Rally Examples, Samples, & Simulations

Below are Pony Club Quiz phase samples.  We use these for our MOCK Quiz rally put on by our club parents prior to the actual regional Quiz Rally.  These are NOT actual quiz challenges and any similarities with actual questions is coincidental.    

We want our MOCK quiz rally to be challenging, but the main purpose here is more to familiarize the member with the process and flow of a quiz rally.  For this reason we will also include in our mock rally:
- a faux registration packet, listing the times and locations of each of the phases:  click here for an example
- paper pinnys for each participate to pin to their shirt
- give a rally briefing
- put up a master score sheet (to give the team & captain practice at inquiry/protest.  We even intentionally post a couple of scores incorrectly, wink, wink)

Each phase sample includes pictures for each of the items being tested.  (i.e. The Mega Room sample on dental tools includes pictures of the tools).   Of course it would be preferable to use the actual item and with grooming, bits, tack, I suggest you do just that.  But if your club doesn't have the resources to provide a table full of the actual items, these simulations and samples will work well enough.  

Mega Room: 

>  Mega Room:  "Hey, Watch Your Mouth"; Simulated Activity (Bit mouthpieces)  2/1/2024
>  Mega Room:  "Bits & Bads";  Simulated Activity    2/24/2014
>  Mega Room:  "Dental Doings";  Simulated Activity   2/24/2014
>  Mega Room:  Farrier Tools;  Simulated Activity 12/15/2015
>  Mega Room:  Horse PARTS: HEAD -Simulated Mega Room Activity   2/15/2014
>  Mega Room:  Horse PARTS:  BODY-Simulated Mega Room Activity   2/15/2014
>  Mega Room:  Horse TERMS Activity:  Simulated Mega Room  2/15/2014
>  Mega Room: "Pride & Groom"; Simulated Quiz Mega Room   2/28/2014

>  Mega Room:  Horse Markings;  Simulated Activity  1/8/2024

>  Mega Room:  Horse Breeds;  Simulated Activity, 2/1/2024

>  Stations:  Horse PARTS:  HOOF - Simulated Activity   2/15/2014
>  Stations:  Horse PARTS: LEGS - Simulated Activity   2/15/2014 
>  Stations:  "By The Numbers";    Simulation      2/22/2015
>  Stations:  Order of GROOMING:  Simulated Stations Activity   2/24/2013
>  Stations:   Kit? What Kit? Simulated Stations Activity    2/21/2014 
>  Stations:  Trailer Loading & Unloading Steps   1/22/2022 
>  not yet

>  Classroom:  Simulated Classroom for D1, D2, D3 - click here  2/24/2014
>  More Classroom Questions from the Southwest Region - D1  //  D2  /  D3  3/7/2014

Written Test:
>  Quiz Rally Written Test and Answer Sheet for D1 - click here   3/7/2015 
  >>  The 1st 5 answers on the D1 answer sheet were incorrect.  This has been corrected.
>  Quiz Rally Written Test and Answer Sheet for D2 - click here   2/28/2014 
>  Quiz Rally Written Test and Answer Sheet for D3 - click here   2/28/2014  
>  Quiz Rally Written Test and Answer Sheet for C1/C2 - click here   3/3/2014  
>  Quiz Rally Written Test and Answer Sheet for C3 - click here   3/3/2014 
(The C1/C2 and C3 tests are from the Spokane Pony Club - Thank You SPC!)


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