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FAQ9b Mythbusters


 Myth #1;  Pony Club is expensive
                   The national USPC dues are $155 per year.  The Delmarva regional dues are $30 per year.  The Shore Riders club dues are $0.   Compare this to joining traveling soccer, baseball, etc.   We ride horses.  Horses are expensive.  It's not pony club that is expensive - it is the sport you have chosen.    Since you are spending so much on keeping that horse, don't you want to protect your investment by learning everything you can about how to preserve it, how to stay safe, and how to be successful?

Myth #2;  There are too many rules in Pony Club.
                   True, there are rules.  This is a YOUTH organization.  There should be rules.  Rules to keep your child safe.  Rules to ensure your child's horse is well cared for.  And rules to keep the youth competitions fair.   If you don't want your child to have to play by the rules of safety and fairness then this isn't the organization for you.      

Myth #3;  Pony Club is only for Eventers
                    That is the reputation and at one time, Eventing and Foxhunting were the predominant activities in the pony club.  However, much has changed over the last 40 years and it is not true now.  The USPC offers competition and opportunities in:  * Dressage * Stadium Jumping * Eventing * Tetrathlon * Mounted Games * Quiz * Polocrosse * Polo * Foxhunting * Western Reining * Gymkhana

Myth #4;  You have to jump if you want to stay in Pony Club
                    Again, true at one time, not now.  A member may become certified in every rating level on one of 5 different tracks - Horse Management, Flat/Dressage,  Equitation/Show Jumping, Eventing, and Western. 

Myth #5;  Pony club allows only English riding.
                    Also once true, USPC now has a western tract.

Myth #6;   Pony Club won't let you have your own instructor.
                    Not at all.  We encourage our members to get instruction from a variety of disciplines.   Indeed, all Shore Riders members have instruction independent of the pony club.  

Myth #7;  Pony Club is snobby.
                 To blanket an entire non-profit organization made of volunteers and children as snobby is ridiculous. Come on, there are nice people everywhere and snobs everywhere.      

Myth #8;  Pony Club takes up too much time.  
                   Anything worth doing, is worth doing correctly.   If you don't know what you are doing, working with horses can be very dangerous.  Yes, it is assumed if you want your child to be safe and your horses to be properly cared for, you will put in time to learn how to make that happen.  That said, a typical month will have one unmounted meeting and one mounted meeting, with occasional meetings added for specific events.  The majority of Shore Riders meetings are not mandatory.  But, after paying your dues to learn about riding and horse care, why would you not try to attend as many as possible?  



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